Our Truck

Our truck is a space frame so it has no chassis. Its made by Joe Thompson JFT Fabrication. The space frame has tabs welded onto the tubes so you can bolt on engine mounts, gear box  mounts and four link suspension arms.

The Engine is a Land Rover TD5. We have refreshed the engine with new power steering pump, water pump and addressed all the common TD5 issues. We run an uprated VNT Road Turbo from CR Turbos and the ECU is Mapped by Jose st TD5 Inside. We also run an up rated inter cooler and have plans to put a new engine in next season with an up rated exhaust manifold and bigger inter cooler.

The gearbox is a Land Rover R380 supplied by Ashcroft Transmissions. Its has up rated bearings and 300M shafts. Its bolted to an Lt230 transfer box again supplied by Ashcrofts which has some up rated goodies in. We changed from a 1.2 ratio transfer box to a 1.4 as we were struggling to take off in 1st high. The 1.4 is so much better but we might still go 1.6. When we upgraded the transmission we also changed the bell housing for a shortened version from Wrecker Fabrication. This moved the gear stick forward 3 inch but it also gave us a better rear prop angle.

The front axle is Nissan Y61 and has been strengthened. We run upgraded drive shafts, stub shafts and solid hubs. We are still trying to iron out problems with wheel bearings coming loose. We run a HF air locker in the front axle which is operated from a switch in the cab.

The rear axle is Nissan Y61 and has a welded diff. The axle casing has been strengthened but apart from that its pretty standard. They are a very strong unit from the factory.

Both axles have upgraded wheel studs and nuts from Gigglepin Racing.

The brakes are standard Nissan but we run up rated brake lines from Pioneer 4×4.

Prop shafts are supplied by Bailey Morris and are the most heavy duty ones they make. We carry a spare set on the van.

The steering is hydraulic (Hydro Steer) and is made up of an orbital, standard Land Rover steering pump, a hydraulic ram and a reservoir.  We have had a lot of issues with the steering but hopefully its all sorted now. We make all our own hydraulic pipes and we take a press and pipework with us to every race in case we damage or blow a hose.

The suspension is a 4 link set up front and rear and we run a 110 inch wheel base. We have Terrafirma Factory Racing coil overs and bypass shocks, all 14 inch. The suspension is one area where we are struggling. We are experimenting with various spring rates and are currently running springs supplied by Full Flex. We plan to fit a rear sway bar to reduce body roll as we have rolled the truck three times in the last month:).

The wheels are Method Race Wheels and where supplied by South Lakes Speed Shop. Really impressed with these wheels. We ripped one clean off and it had no damage!

The tyres are 40 inch Maxxis Trepadors sticky compound. We love these tyres and they are great on the rocks.

The wiring is supplied by Pace Automotive and consists of two stand alone wiring looms, one for the engine and one for the body. Our wiring is very basic, if we don’t need it we haven’t got it. We don’t even have a wind screen or wipers! We have wired our truck so all the wiring, switches and ECU are above our head. This is so we can go in deep water and it wont cut out. We have been in deep water a few times without any issues.